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The type of fence you decide on will play an important part in your home’s curb appeal. It can also provide you with added security in keeping pets and children inside while helping keep unwanted visitors out.  Fencing, whether it is wood, vinyl, chain link or wrought iron is the perfect product to enhance your home while providing the security you desire.


Please review the fencing options we offer and call us for a free quote today.

Wood Fencing
Wood fencing has been a standard for years and is preferred by many. With all of the various types of woods and the ability to cut it into different patterns, wood fences are among the most versatile. One of the most common reasons people choose a wood fence is to add a privacy because wood fences tend to be solid and allow you to enjoy the comfort of the outdoors without interruption from the neighboring properties. Wood fencing also provides a warm feel with many options in height and can be very economical. Wood fences can last the lifetime of your home, but they do need to be maintained so the type of wood you choose will be important. Nestor Landscaping can help you make the right decision for your goals and budget.

PVC Fencing
A less expensive option for fencing is using one made of PVC. The PVC replaces wooden stakes and pickets but is not quite as sturdy. PVC fencing comes in a many different heights and colors. The maintenance on PVC fencing is minimal with the material being very resistant to the elements and lasting for years.

Chain Link Fencing
Chain link fencing is also a cost-effective choice. These fences come in a variety of styles, so you will be able to find one that meets your needs and provides the level of protection you are looking for. While chain link fences do not add much privacy to the home, they are more economic, durable and need very little maintenance. If you would like the economy of a chain link fence but prefer a softer finish, Nestor Landscaping would be happy to help plant shrubs or flowers that will help increase the curb appeal - slates are also available that will help add some privacy.

Vinyl Fencing
Fences made from vinyl can have a similar appearance to wood fencing, but with its low maintenance and long life, the added initial expense will pay for itself over the years. Vinyl fencing is practically worry free and can be nearly five times stronger and four times more flexible than comparable wood fences. With all of the options available, a vinyl fence may be the perfect accent to your property providing both safety and curb appeal.

Aluminum Fencing
Offered in a multitude of colors and styles, aluminum fences provide function and elegance. Aluminum is considered on of the most basic and attractive types of fencing. This type of fencing is relatively maintenance free and can be made to look like any other type of fencing mentioned above.

Call us at 215-340-7554 now to discuss your property and what you would like to add to provide form and function to your yard. Please take a look at our photo gallery below to see some of our latest fencing projects.

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